Lemken heliodor 9 gigant 10/1200Lemken heliodor 9 gigant 10/1200

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The two system carriers, Gigant 10 and Gigant 12, offer the unique possibility to use different LEMKEN implements with a single carriage efficiently in the field. Both system carriers have two hydraulic three-point linkages for mounting a Heliodor or Rubin compact disc harrow, a Smaragd disc cultivator or a System-Kompaktor seedbed combination, depending on the work to be done. This multiple use saves double and triple investment costs for the carriage, brake system and hydraulic implement folding device.

6 1/2 circular saw blade for plastic6 1/2 circular saw blade for plastic

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Your circular saw is solid tool, it is actually your best ally in the layout of your interior, and you have to take care of it all the time. However, it is nothing without a high quality blade. The saw blade will determine the quality of the cut, so the choice of a circular saw is very important. The selection of the saw blade depends on many criteria, such as the type of work that will be intended to be done or whether for frequent or occasional use.